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god’s wrath

Flee the Wrath to Come!

Why is it that we hear very little warnings about fleeing the wrath the come? After all, the gospels start with such an exhortation and strong warning.

John Bunyan’s wonderful allegory, Pilgrim’s Progress, starts out with Evangelist warning Christian to “flee the wrath to come.”

Who’s wrath? Why so wrathful? These questions are worth answering.Read More »Flee the Wrath to Come!

Proof of God’s love… Beer?

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Two days ago we moved from “Big House in the Wildwood” to “Little Cabin on the Back Forty.” God heard our cry, answered our prayers, and delivered us. A testimony of God’s grace and… His LOVE.

On that day, as we came across a quaint restaurant overlooking the Missouri river to commemorate this momentous occasion, I was shocked to see the following quote (mis)attributed to Benjamin Franklin:

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”

I lost my appetite.Read More »Proof of God’s love… Beer?