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Is a ‘Wealth Tax’ Biblical?

In an era of Robin Hood taxation ideologies, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) recently proposed a devastatingly delusional 70% tax on the wealthiest citizens. And now Elizabeth Warren is greedily scheming up a new ‘wealth tax’ to correct the evils of wealthy Americans.

‘New’ because we already have multiple tax penalties for the wealthier: the existing estate or death tax along with higher tax brackets for higher income. Sounds more like Rob’em Good to me.

But since all of this chicanery is couched in the name of compassion and care (cue Friar Tuck), what would Jesus do? The implication is that a wealth tax is the ‘Christian’ thing to do. Would the consummate compassionate and caring God of the Universe force the rich to pay disproportionately more than the poor and middle-class?Read More »Is a ‘Wealth Tax’ Biblical?