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Gospel of John – Enhanced Audio Bible

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Saints, I’ve been working toward recording a FREE enhanced narration of the Gospel of John, in MP3 format. (Yes, I know…. I’m no James Earl Jones, but it is the Word of God and is effective despite my voice. 😉 )


Please feel free to critique. Your comments could shape future recordings. My goal? To have a lightly dramatized MP3 version of the Gospel of John for unbelievers (and saints) who listen more than read these days… aka, the iPod generation. Essentially, an audio tract.

I’ve committed to the Gospel of John to start. After that? Well, let’s see where the Lord leads. More chapters are coming, as time allows. Check back often and enjoy listening to the Word of God!

COPYRIGHT © 2009 Jeff Tobler. Published by LifeTree Press. Produced by Eternal Promises and Omni Creative. Scripture is easy-reading KJV, adapted for today’s audience.

PERMISSION: You are FREE to copy the files onto any portable medium (CD/DVD) and give it to whomever you wish, providing you do not: 1) charge anything for it (don’t sell it), 2) alter the recordings, and/or 3) post or store these recordings online. Please refer users to this site for downloading.

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