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AIG Outrage

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As I hear about AIG (the once insurance giant struck in the head, not to be confused with righteous Answers In Genesis) paying $165 million in bonues to executives after receiving $170 billion from the tax payers, I’m struck by two realities that bring peace:

1) The Lord says, “Venegeance is mine. I will repay!”

2) We’re commanded to love our enemies and neighbors as ourselves AND to pray for and <gulp>… bless them.

Do you have the mind of Christ on this? Or do you find a heart that is hardened toward your enemies?Read More »AIG Outrage

Radical Investment Advice

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stockxpertcom_id9452572_goldkeyFriends, I have a confession: I’m an aggressive, fanatical investor.

Better yet, my investments have NOT fallen in value. Rather, they’re UP! While others are bemoaning the current investment climate, I couldn’t be more excited! I can’t stop thinking about my portfolio and the increase in riches! Yes, you heard me correct.

My portfolio is soaring. Is yours? If not, I’m going to tell you how you can invest just as wisely.Read More »Radical Investment Advice